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The modern games should contain sound features that perfectly fulfill the requirements of young boys and girls who want to enjoy the loud music during car parking game. Our car games for the youth are always appreciated and given preference when someone tempts to play them on the internet. We have many games on our webpage for boys and girls who want to enjoy the racing games online at one place. Valet Parking is another stimulating game that will give you tens of hours for enjoyment and never let you be bored. Here, a parking boy is earning his livelihood by parking the cars of customers in a shopping plaza. He will place the cars of the customers according to the given numbers. You will have to take precautions while parking the car as the damage will lessen your wage. If you have totally damaged the car of any customer, the game will be over and you will not be promoted to the next level of the game. If you want to earn a high point in parking, you have to park the customer car very safely. By this, you will earn more wages in a given time and will be promoted to next round of the game. You have to be quick when your customers return and want their cars. The delay will decrease the amount of your tip. This is an awesome game for boys and girls that will let you experience a brand new stuff.


The steering of the car has to be controlled by mouse.
Use arrow keys to walk in the parking lots and drive the cars.
With the help of S and D keys, you can switch forward and reverse.
Use spacebar to enter and exit from any car.
Hope this will help you to become a safe car parker.